The Rex Cat Club

Devon Rex Standard of Points

(Breed 33 a)

Devon Rex is a short haired breed of medium foreign build with a unique head type which is quite unlike any other breed. The short wedge head with large low set very wide based ears and large oval eyes set on a slant with a 'wicked expression' give the breed its 'Pixie' face. The short, dense coat which is soft in texture has a destinctive wave or ripple especially over the back and sides. The cat should be of medium size and in excellent physical condition.

General Type Standard

  • Head - Short, broad wedge with high cheek bones. Strong muzzle with firm chin and a well defined whisker break. Short nose with definite stop. Brow curving back to a flat skull.
  • Ears - Large, set low and wide apart, very wide at base, tapering to rounded tops and well covered with fine fur. With or without short ear muffs around base and tufts on tips which should not be confused with streamers and ear furnishings seen in semi LH breeds.
  • Eyes - Wide set, large, oval shaped and sloping towards outer edges of ears. Any colour acceptable.
  • Neck, Body & Legs - Slender neck. Body hard and muscular, slender and of medium length. Broad chest, carried high on slim legs, with length of hind legs emphasised. Paws small and oval..
  • Tail - Long, fine and tapering, well covered with short fur.
  • Coat - Short, dense and soft in texture and of even length on the body. The coat must be waved or rippled, particularly on the back, sides and tail and waving may also extend down the legs, the coat on the head and neck, over the shoulders and on the legs and paws is sometimes too short to wave. Rexing in these areas is desirable but absence of it is not a witholding fault. A few short guard hairs are acceptable. Whiskers and eyebrows crinkled, rather coarse and of medium length and may sometimes be stubbly.
  • Colours - Colour and pattern are irrelevant and carry no points therefore a cat should not be penalised if apparently wrongly registered.

Scale of Points

Head 25
Ears 10
Eyes 5
Body, Legs & Neck 20
Tail 5
Coat 35
Total 100


Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes:

1. Too long, too short, straight or loosely waved coat.

2. Bare or sparse patches in adults.*

3. The presence of a significant amount of guard hairs affecting the texture of the coat.

4. Narrow, long or round head.

5. Straight profile.

6. Small or high set ears.

7. Undershot or overshot jaw and/or uneven bite.

8. Any defect as listed in the preface to this S.O.P. booklet.


1. Bare or sparse patches in kittens.*

2. Cobby body.

3. Lack of firm muscle.

4. Excessively weak chin.

5. Short tail that detracts from overall balance.

* Many Devon Rex cats have down on the under parts. This should not be misinterpreted as bareness.