The Rex Cat Club

Selkirk Rex

The first three Selkirk Rex were imported to the UK on 8 February 2002 by Lisa Peterson (Trueblu), Linda Davison (Toreska) and Angela Mann (Kresant). They were two longhairs (a male and a female) and one shorthair (female) bred in Austria by Christiana Aichner (Courtlycats).

The first UK bred litters were born on 17 June 2002 (Trueblu) and 25 July 2002 (Toreska).

The Selkirk Rex first appeared in public at the Supreme Show Club Row in November 2002. This was a special exhibition comprising the original imports and two kittens sponsored by the Rex Cat Club, the Rex Cat Association and the Scottish Rex Cat Club.

In 2003 a further three Selkirk Rex, both long and shorthaired, were imported from Germany and the USA. The kittens bred in the UK have now dispersed to widen the circle of breeders, most of whom are experienced in Persians/Exotics or British Shorthairs. More imports are planned for 2004 from the USA.

The breed seminar (joint with the LaPerm) was held on 19 October 2003 where there were eleven Selkirk Rex and two variants on show. The introduction was given by John Hansson, and the breed presentation by Linda Davison. The Selkirk Rex was also one of four new breeds represented at the Judges Guild Seminar on 2 November 2003 when Lisa Peterson gave the breed presentation. Both events were well attended.

The proposed GCCF standard of points is based on an amalgamation of those accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA).

The Selkirk Rex has full recognition (championship status) with the Cat Fanciers Association.