The Rex Cat Club



Dear Devon Rex Breeders,

A new genetic tool is available, a DNA array, that can help us rapidly identify where the gene is on the cat chromosomes that ontrols the disease called "spasticity". We have worked with many breeders in the past to collect DNA samples from affected cats. We have tested over a dozen genes but have not yet been successful finding the cause for this muscle disease.

We need your help finding a few more cats with the disease!
Please help us locate cats, so we can get DNA to test on the new DNA array.

All of our studies are CONFIDENTIAL, we please need your help. Please contact me if you have any questions or interest in the study.

Best regards,

Leslie A. Lyons, PhD

4206 Vet Med 3A Office: (530) 754-5546
Population Health & Reproduction (PHR)
School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM)
One Shields Avenue
University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616

E-mail: Fax: (530) 752-4278
Lab e-mail: Lab: (530) 754-2287 (4-CATS)



The Rex Cat Club, in common with most breed clubs, has a Welfare section dedicated to helping members and non-members with any welfare issues related to Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, La Perm and Selkirk Rex.

We offer:

  • General advice
  • Help with rehoming when a cat or cats can no longer be kept (in an emergency, we can foster, but otherwise we try to help you get in contact with someone looking for a rex cat).

Help with finding a cat or cats needing a home.

  • The following people are contacts for Welfare issues:
  • Welfare Officer: Anne Delnevo on 01306 631538 or e-mail at
  • Welfare Coordinators: Jass Nice on 01787 211023 and Judith Brimsden on 01787 278912

In addition we work with the Welfare Officers of the following Clubs:

  • The Rex Cat Association: Lynda Ashmore - 01142 586866 -
  • The Scottish Rex Cat Club: Dee Carrick - 01546 886392
  • The Cornish Rex Society: Kim Hill - 01420 83665
  • The La Perm Cat Club
  • The Selkirk Rex Cat Club -



Adult cats are quite often available for rehoming, sometimes in pairs.

Please be prepared to answer a few questions, and then be added to a waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, it would be best to occasionally check in to see if a cat or cats have become available, as it is very hard for the Welfare team to keep in contact with everyone.